Migrant Workers - Seen & Heard (by Mona Chalabi & Emmy the Great)

How do you make data visualisations that are accessible to the sight impaired?

I got to collaborate on a piece exploring this question with the best person, Mona Chalabi, on a project for SPARK Festival at Hong Kong’s Tai Kwun museum.

Mona’s work as a data illustrator has led her on a mission to make her work as accessible as humanly possible. I joined the project as sound artist, and we used data regarding a community that is close to my heart - Hong Kong’s domestic workers.

The installation showed at Hong Kong’s Tai Kwun museum as part of British Council’s SPARK Festival: The Science of Creativity

The festival dealt with the intersection between creativity and ideas. We wanted our piece to celebrate the domestic worker community, who are consistently the most creative people in Hong Kong.

On the final day of the installation, Mona led a workshop with sight and hearing impaired Hong Kong artists, organised by ADA HK.