Welcome to my composer showreel! 

I have composed for radio, television, film and theatre. I am able to work in a wide variety of styles, from classical and orchestral arrangements to modern score and drum programming. Songwriting, lyrics, and performance are all on the table as well (in English, Cantonese and Mandarin...!). I love working with directors and creative teams on using music to its full potential - be it telling stories, expressing ideas, underlining emotion, breaking the fourth wall, or simply being a part of the whole. I also love putting together a musical team, and working collaboratively. I am very excited to hear your vision and help you tell it with music. 

Pride & Prejudice by Sara Pascoe | Music and Lyrics by Emmy the Great |  Premiered at Nottingham Playhouse September 2017

I was part of the initial creative team for this comic adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, helping shape its identity from initial conception to opening night and beyond. As the composer, I wrote, performed and produced Regency-era and modern score, as well writing music and lyrics for comic songs across a range of genres, from music hall to gospel

"Some really rather captivating songs from Emmy the Great, including one with the Bennet sisters singing: “Don't blame us, you would have done the same.”" - the Times

"Emmy the Great's period-sounding background music is exquisite." - Nottingham Post

"A respectful and successful take on one of the most known novels in English history. It can't have been easy, yet the creatives have managed to make it fresh and fun, whilst raising pertinent questions." - What's On Stage

Strangers, a series by Mia Lidofsky | Premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2017 | Available to stream on Facebook Live

I wrote and performed two original songs for the character of 'Emmy' (played by Jemima Kirke) in the Season 1 Finale of this daring new series. Working closely with the director, I tailored the songs to 'Emmy', getting to know her personality, back story and writing songs that befit a young woman who has travelled half the world to find her birth mother. We worked on adapting my vocal performance to suit Ms. Kirke's vocal range.

As well as this, along with Luke Rathborne, I contributed score for Episode 2.


Mystery Show, a podcast by Starlee Kine | iTunes Podcast of the Year 2015

I composed score for two episodes of this much-loved, groundbreaking podcast, and wrote, performed and produced the end title song, Go Far.

The song is inspired by meetings with the podcast's creator, Starlee Kine. I wanted to represent her spirit and openness, and the optimism of her project, to help people uncover the tiny mysteries of their lives.

TEDxNYC: Rebirth

I provided the music in English, Mandarin and Cantonese for TEDxNYC, a salon hosted by TED and Jon Ronson, featuring talks from Megan Phelps-Roper, Mona Chalabi, and more.

Austenland, written and directed by Jerusha Hess | Premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2013 | Distributed worldwide by Sony Classics

My original songs provide the mood for the lead character, Jane (played by Keri Russell), in her private moments in the film, aiming to underscore her internal world. I also wrote the end title track, Austenland. 

(I don't know why I always work on projects about Jane Austen!)

The soundtrack features my songs alongside the gorgeous score by the composer Ilan Eshkeri.

The Wanderers, written and directed by Luke Snellin | In production

I collaborated with two Britpop legends, Tim Wheeler of Ash and Graham Coxon of Blur, to write and produce songs for this film by the director Luke Snellin. I also gave singing lessons to the lead actor ahead of the recording of the tracks. 

BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival


I was commissioned by the BBC to create a piece of music in honour of the Woodland Trust and the Tree Charter. For my song, Three Cities, I interviewed members of the Chinese diaspora around the North-East of England about the landscapes they have known and loved in their lives. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08jfjpc)

City of Xiamen UNESCO announcement

I wrote two songs for the announcement of a successful bid for UNESCO World Heritage for Gulangyu Island, a unique island on the coast of Xiamen, China . One of these songs, 'Drum Wave Island', was commissioned as the new official song of Gulangyu.