A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea - Listen Now

You can now listen to A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea on BBC Radio 4’s website.

I had an amazing time presenting this documentary about playground clapping games, and the mysterious journey of these rhythms around the world. I interviewed kids at my old primary school in Hong Kong, and the adults who work with sound archives of games and rhythms from Iceland to Hackney.

I also got to score the programme and write an end song based on our discoveries. I’m so happy about it.

Produced by Claire Crofton for Boom Shakalaka Productions


Pride & Prejudice Tickets are Super On Sale

Me + my new boyfriend 

Me + my new boyfriend 

Research and development workshops for Sara Pascoe's Pride & Prejudice took place last month at Nottingham Playhouse, and I'm pleased to say that it's going to be amazing, and tickets are now on sale.

Please do come, if only because I finally fulfilled my dream of writing a song about 19th century inheritance laws. Also, it's really funny.

Pride & Prejudice is written by Sara Pascoe, directed by Susannah Tresilian, with costumes and sets by Carla Goodman. I think I speak for everyone when I say we are thrilled to be collaborating with best-selling author and literary celeb Jane Austen.

You can also join the Playhouse's Longbourn Lending Library book club on their Instagram, and enjoy some of the books we've been reading as we work on the play.


Living Room Gigs (Saying Sod This! to Homelessness)

I am so proud to be a part of Sod This! For a Laugh, the campaign benefitting homeless charities across the UK, founded by Susannah Tresilian.

Sod This! was founded in honour of Susannah's friend Paddy, who died of exposure on New Year's Eve, 2016. You can read more about their friendship, and how his death galvanised her into action on the Guardian. To date, two events in London and Manchester have raised £6500 for local charities.

As part of the campaign, I auctioned a living room gig on eBay, which was bought by the lovely people at Siren Music in Soho. The gig took place on a sweltering June day in their office. I couldn't have asked for more welcoming hosts, a better atmosphere, or more pizza. 100% of the proceeds went to Streetlink.

The next Sod This! living room gig will take place in August at a private residence in Hackney, with the money going to Manchester's Booth Centre and Coffee 4 Craig.

Please keep your eyes peeled next summer for opportunities to purchase one of these shows! More information on Sod This! For a Laugh can be found here.


I spoke about rediscovering my Chinese roots and singing in my mother tongue at TED x NYC, in a night called 'Rebirth' curated by my favourite writer, Jon Ronson. It was a privilege to be there and share a stage with four amazing speakers, Mona Chalabi, Ariel Leve, Amy Green and Megan Phelps. 

Their words gave me better tools to live in this world. Previously all I had were emojis!  



Pride & Prejudice coming September 2017

I am so happy to be composing the music for a new production of Pride and Prejudice, adapted by Sara Pascoe and directed by Susannah Tresilian.

Opens September 2017 at Nottingham Playhouse and York Theatre Royal.

"The most famous love story our country has ever produced, yet the women don’t work, the servants don’t speak, and who cares how filthy rich Mr Darcy is when he is so arrogant and RUDE?

Georgian England was a world where men had property whilst women had smelling salts and piano lessons. Lucky them.

Elizabeth Bennet is witty and clever, has terrible manners and muddy shoes. But with no independence, is her ending actually happy? Or have we been distracted by Colin Firth and frilly shirts?

If you’ve always heard people saying “Austen is so funny” and you never got it – you will now!

In a brand new comic adaptation by stand-up comedian Sara Pascoe with an original score from Emmy the Great and directed by Susannah Tresilian (Posh) prepare yourself for a playful, truthful and occasionally disrespectful* take on this brilliant novel.

*Don’t be uptight about it, it’s what she would have done."


I’m going touring in the EU this spring 

Dates and tickets below…


20         PARIS, FRANCE   Pop Up Du Label | tickets

22          GENT, BELGIUM  Trefpunt | tickets

23          AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS   De Roode Biscoop | tickets

24          COLOGNE, GERMANY   Theatre WG| tickets

26          HAMBURG, GERMANY  Haken | tickets

27          COPENHAGEN, DENMARK  Ideal Bar | tickets

28          BERLIN, GERMANY  Auster Bar  | tickets

30          FRANKFURT, GERMANY Zoom Club | tickets on door

31           LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND Bleu Lezard | no ticket info yet


1               VARESE, ITALY Twiggy | tickets

2               CARPI (MO), ITALY  Mattatoio | tickets