Go Far / Mystery Show

Go Far, the end song to Mystery Show, is now up again on all streaming sites and digital stores.

It was down for a few days because I wanted it on more sites, and I wanted to control it directly, instead of through a friend’s distribution channel, which is how it was set up previously.

The timing ended up being weird, because the day it came down temporarily, Starlee released her incredibly honest and human statement about what was going on with Mystery Show.

I loved working with Starlee on season 1. It was an honour to be part of something so original, which was being put together with the care and integrity that Starlee puts into everything she does. It was one of the best experiences of my working life, and every step of the way, Starlee made sure I felt included. She constantly gave me updates about creative decisions and made sure I got paid fairly and quickly.

Despite having been brought into the process, I still got a thrill every time a new episode came out. When I would reach the end and hear my song, I’d be surprised all over again. I would always get lost in the story to the point where I forgot I knew anything about it.

I hope with all my heart that Mystery Show continues. It makes me happy. I know it makes other people happy too.


Emma, 9th October 2016

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